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Law on Patents (Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 42/2015)

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Year of Version 2015 Dates Entry into force: August 6, 2015 Published: July 29, 2015 Adopted: July 16, 2015 Type of Text Main IP Laws   Subject Matter Patents (Inventions) Subject Matter (secondary) Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, IP Regulatory Body, Plant Variety Protection, Genetic Resources, Undisclosed Information (Trade Secrets) Notes The Law on Patents was adopted on July 16, 2015, promulgated by Decree No. 01-693/2 of July 24, 2015, published in the 'Official Gazette of Montenegro', No. 42/2015 on July 29, 2015, and entered into force on August 6, 2015.

Available Texts Main text(s) Main text(s) Montenegrin Zakon o patentima (Slu┼żbeni list CG, 42/2015) PDF HTML English Law on Patents (Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 42/2015) PDF HTML
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Law on the Enforcement of the Legislation that Regulates Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (Official Gazette of Republic of Montenegro, No. 25/2005 and Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 37/2011 and 40/2011) (ME042)
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Law on Amendments to the Law on Patents (Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 146/2021) (ME056)
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Regulation on the Contents of the Registers, Applications and Other Submissions, Notification and Publication of Data in the Procedure for the Legal Protection of Inventions (Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 8/2016) (ME051)
Regulation on the Professional Examination for Representatives of Patents, Trademarks and Designs (Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 67/2015) (ME053)

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Law of October 22, 2008, on Patents (ME005)
Regulation No. 230 of December 24, 2004, on the Procedure for Legal Protection of Inventions (ME039)

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