WIPO Delegate – Your Mobile App For WIPO Meetings

This app includes a calendar of meetings with related documents, customizable alerts, easy access to WIPO treaties, news updates, and a contact directory of high-level WIPO personnel. Available in six languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

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  • View all WIPO meetings worldwide.
  • Register for meetings, view webcasting and access meeting documents.
  • Get practical information on meetings at WIPO. 
  • Customize your settings so that you see only the meetings that interest you.


  • Set up customized alerts on each meeting page so that you get only alerts for the meetings you're interested in.
  • Get updates on schedule changes for committees, assemblies and conferences (start/end times of formal/informal sessions).
  • Receive notifications when new meeting documents are published.


  • Access and download the WIPO-administered treaty documents you need.
  • Browse treaty summaries, lists of contracting parties, and the latest notifications.


  • Keep up to date with the latest WIPO news (press releases, newsletters, and social media).
  • Customize your news feed to include news from your favorite WIPO channels like the WIPO WIRE, WIPO Twitter, WIPO Magazine, etc.


  • Get straight to the person you need through our directory of high-level WIPO contacts (directors and above).
  • Search by name, function, or department.

WIPO Account

You'll need to log into a WIPO Account to access the app. Registration for a WIPO Account is quick and free of charge.


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