Magazine Terms of Use

The reprinting of material included in the WIPO Magazine is subject to the General Disclaimer of the Terms of Use for the WIPO website as appropriate and in addition to the following Specific Terms of Use:

Text of Articles

WIPO is the owner of the copyright on all articles and other works included in the WIPO Magazine, unless otherwise stipulated.

Authorization is granted to reprint the text of WIPO Magazine articles - without images - on a worldwide and non-exclusive basis. This authorization does not confer the right to compile or create derivative works therefrom, which requires specific authorization from WIPO.

This authorization is subject to the conditions that:

(a) WIPO, through the Editor’s email contact address below, is notified in advance of the reprint, clearly indicating the title and date of the publication in which the article is to appear;

(b) the year and issue number of the WIPO Magazine in which the original article appears must be indicated on the reprinted material;

(c) the following phrase must be included on the reproduced material:

"Article originally provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the owner of the copyright. The WIPO Secretariat assumes no liability or responsibility with regard to the transformation of this data."

(d) At WIPO’s request a hard copy of the publication in which the article appears shall be sent to WIPO;

(e) WIPO may revoke this authorization or reject a notification made under paragraph (a) above at anytime;

(f) The authorization to reproduce any third-party copyrighted material contained in the reprinted article shall be obtained from the copyright owner

Photographs and Images

The reprint of most graphics, images or photographs that appear in the WIPO Magazine articles cannot be authorized by WIPO, as usually the copyright belongs to a third party. Any requests to reproduce images must be addressed directly to the owners of the copyright in those images. (See image credits).

WIPO may, on request, grant authorization to reprint the images in which WIPO owns the copyright. If permission is granted, a high-resolution version of the image may be provided.


For requests, notifications and further information, please write to The Editor at: