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The WIPO Magazine explores intellectual property (IP), creativity and innovation at work across the world. The print edition is published quarterly. Additional online features are published periodically.

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Latest print edition

(Photo: naratrip wboonroung / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

The metaverse, NFTs and IP rights: to regulate or not to regulate?

Over the last year, the metaverse and NFTs have fueled debates about their anticipated global impact and the question of whether there is an urgent need for new regulations to adapt to these new innovations.

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Villgro Africa: helping health startups take their ideas to market

Find out how Villgro Africa, a Nairobi-based business incubator and early-stage investor focusing on health and life sciences, is working to transform Africa’s innovation landscape and helping startups take their ideas to market.

(Photo: Courtesy of NASA)

Tech transfer at NASA: bringing NASA technology down to earth

NASA’s well-established technology transfer program is reaching out to support startup companies and a greater range of entrepreneurs, enabling space-age inventions to transform products from bicycles to medical devices.

(Photo: Courtesy of SEL)

New generation memory chips promise to cut energy use

Dr. Shunpei Yamazaki, a pioneer in the field of semiconductors and founder and President of Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. in Japan, explains how new generation memory chips promise to cut energy use.

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Eco Panplas: better recycling of lubricant containers

Find out how the award-winning solution developed by Eco Panplas, a small Brazilian company is helping to make the recycling of machine lubricant containers cleaner, safer and more cost-effective.

Latest online features

(Photo: WIPO)

Data: the fuel transforming the global economy

Data has the power to drive innovative products and services, improve society and tackle health and environmental challenges but what does it take to balance extracting value from data with protecting IP and other rights.

(Photo: WIPO/Daphné Zografos Johnsson)

International negotiations on Indigenous knowledge to resume at WIPO: a view of the journey so far and the way ahead

A view of the twists and turns of international negotiations on Indigenous knowledge at WIPO, which are set to resume after a two-year COVID-induced hiatus. What will it take for negotiators to make history and get these negotiations across the line?

(Photo: Courtesy of Rory Cooper)

Paralympian Rory Cooper drives innovation for people with disabilities

Rory Cooper, a Paralympian and a serial inventor, is committed to improving the quality of life and participation of people with disabilities through engineering and technology. Find out about his pioneering work and helps ensure his inventions reach the market and help people.

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