Using WIPO’s Madrid System – A Trademark Lawyers’ Perspective

May 14, 2024

Did you know? In 2023, entrepreneurs and business owners across the world filed almost 65,000 international trademark applications through WIPO’s Madrid System, as well as some 40,000 requests to renew their existing international trademark registrations. There’s potentially no shortage of added-value work for trademark practitioners!

Though the Madrid System provides a simplified and streamlined solution for seeking protection of – and subsequently managing – a trademark in up to 130 countries simultaneously, many international trademark registration owners do indeed opt to use a trademark professional to get advice on trademark protection and rights enforcement, and even to manage their trademark portfolios.

Eager to know what such intellectual property professionals have to say about the Madrid System, we spoke to the Mori Hamada Matsumoto Law Office in Japan to find out more about their experience with WIPO’s international trademark system.

Photo of Mori Hamada & Matsumoto glass fronted tower block office with trees in the foreground.
(Photo: Mori Hamada & Matsumoto)
"Thinking ahead and properly planning and securing trademark protection will help your business later. There are many things that can happen along the way, and many ways in which your trademark protection may need to evolve. The Madrid System can support this!"
– Naofumi Tanaka, Mori Hamada Matsumoto

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