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Accession by the Libyan Arab Republic.

条款 签字 文书 生效
斯德哥尔摩文本 (1967年)  加入: 1976年6月28日1976年9月28日


Accession to the Stockholm Act (1967) was accompanied by the following declaration: "The Government of the Libyan Arab Republic also considers it necessary to declare that the provisions of Article 24 of the Paris Convention, providing for the possibility of the application of the said Convention to colonies and dependent territories, are in contradiction with the Charter of the United Nations and Resolution 1514 (XV) of December 14, 1960, of the General Assembly of the United Nations." (Translation) (see Paris Notification No. 85)

Stockholm Act (1967): With the declaration provided for in Article 28(2) relating to the International Court of Justice. (see Paris Notification No. 85)


Accession to the Stockholm Act (1967) by the Libyan Arab Republic.