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Adhesión30 de julio de 1925
Entrada en vigor10 de octubre de 1925


Artículo(s) Firma Instrumento Entrada en Vigor
Acta de Estocolmo (1967)1 - 12 Adhesión: 26 de junio de 197527 de septiembre de 1975
Acta de Estocolmo (1967)13 - 30 Adhesión: 10 de mayo de 197225 de agosto de 1972
Acta de Londres (1934) 2 de junio de 1934Adhesión: 25 de marzo de 19582 de junio de 1958
Acta de La Haya (1925) 6 de noviembre de 1925Adhesión: 29 de diciembre de 193212 de febrero de 1933
Acta de Washington (1911)  Adhesión: 30 de julio de 192510 de octubre de 1925

Declaraciones, Reservas etc.

Stockholm Act (1967): A notification was deposited by the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia in which that Government indicated its desire to avail itself of the provisions of Article 30(2) of the Stockholm Act of the Paris Convention. That notification entered into force on the date of its receipt, that is, on September 21, 1971. Pursuant to the said Article, the Commonwealth of Australia, which was a member of the Paris Union, could, for five years from April 26, 1970, the date of entry into force of the Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), exercise the rights provided under Articles 13 to 17 of the Stockholm Act of the Paris Convention, as if it were bound by those Articles. (see Paris Notification No. 33)

Información territorial

Application of the London Act (1934) to the Territory of Papua, the Trust territory of New Guinea and the Territory of Norfolk Island: January 5, 1960; Entry into force: February 5, 1960. (see La Propriété Industrielle 1960, No.2, p.21-22)

Accession to the Hague Act (1925) for the Territory of Norfolk Island and the Mandate territory of Nauru: June 18, 1936; Entry into force: July 29, 1936. (see La Propriété Industrielle 1936, No.7, p.109)

Accession to the Hague Act (1925) included the Territory of Papua and the Mandate territory of New Guinea. (see La Propriété Industrielle 1933, No.1, p.3)

Accession to the Washington Act (1911) for the Territory of Papua and the Mandate territory of New Guinea: February 25, 1926; Entry into force: April 13, 1926. (see La Propriété Industrielle 1926, No.3, p.49)