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AccessionNovember 25, 1960
Entry into forceApril 8, 1961


Article(s) Signature Instrument Entry into Force
Geneva Act (1977) December 21, 1977Ratification: January 4, 1978February 6, 1979
Stockholm Act (1967)  Accession: May 10, 1972August 25, 1972

Declarations, reservations etc.

Stockholm Act (1967): A notification was deposited by the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia in which that Government indicated its desire to avail itself of the provisions of Article 16(2) of the Nice Agreement. This notification entered into force on the date of its receipt, that is, on September 21, 1971. In pursuance of the said Article, the Commonwealth of Australia, which was a member of the Nice Special Union, could, for five years from April 26, 1970, date of entry into force of the Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), exercise the rights provided under Articles 5 to 8 of the Stockholm Act of the Nice Agreement, as if it were bound by those Articles. (see Nice Notification No. 18)