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SignatureDecember 2, 1961
RatificationAugust 8, 1967
Entry into forceAugust 10, 1968

Declarations, reservations etc.

Ratification of the Convention (1961) was accompanied by the following declaration:
"The following genera and species included in the Annex to the Convention have been notified in accordance with Article 33 of the Convention: wheat, barley, oats, maize, potatoes, peas, beans, lettuce, apples, roses, carnations." (see Industrial Property 1971, No.12, p.331)

Territorial information

Ratification of the Convention (1961) applied only to the Kingdom in Europe. (see Industrial Property 1971, No.12, p.331)


Article(s) Signature Instrument Entry into Force
1991 Act March 19, 1991Acceptance: October 14, 1996April 24, 1998
1978 Act October 23, 1978Acceptance: August 2, 1984September 2, 1984
Additional Act November 10, 1972Ratification: January 12, 1977February 11, 1977

Territorial information

1991 Act: Acceptance for the Kingdom in Europe. (see UPOV Notification No. 54)

1978 Act: Application to Aruba notified on February 14, 1986; Entry into force: November 8, 1986. This application was withdrawn on November 27, 1996, with retroactive effect to the date on which the Convention became applicable to Aruba. (see UPOV Notification No. 55)