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AccessionJune 30, 1962
Entry into forceAugust 25, 1962

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Application to the Brussels Act (1948) by France: October 23, 1951; Entry into force: May 22, 1952. Declaration of accession by Senegal after the accession of the State to independence: June 30, 1962.


Article(s) Signature Instrument Entry into Force
Paris Act (1971) July 24, 1971Ratification: May 2, 1975August 12, 1975
Stockholm Act (1967) July 14, 1967Ratification: September 19, 1968January 29, 1970
Brussels Act (1948)  Accession: June 30, 1962August 25, 1962

Declarations, reservations etc.

Stockholm Act (1967): "With reference to Articles 1 and 5 of the Protocol Regarding Developing Countries which forms an integral part of the Stockholm Act of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, the Government of Senegal intends to apply the provisions of that Protocol to works whose country of origin is a country of the Berne Union which will become bound by Articles 1 to 21 of the said Act and by the Protocol, or which, will admit such application in conformity with the aforesaid Article 5." (see Berne Notification No. 1)

Additional information

Stockholm Act (1967): Alternative entry into force date: February 26, 1970. (see Berne Notification No. 14)