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Declaration of Continued ApplicationApril 26, 1928
Entry into forceApril 24, 1928

Additional information

Application to the Berne Convention (1886) by the United Kingdom: September 5, 1887; Entry into force: December 5, 1887. Application to the Paris Additional Act (1896) through the United Kingdom: September 9, 1897; Entry into force: December 9, 1897. Application to the Berlin Act (1908) through the United Kingdom: March 30, 1914; Entry into force: April 1, 1914. Signature of the Rome Act (1928) through the United Kingdom: June 2, 1928. Declaration of continued application by New Zealand: April 26, 1928.


Article(s) Signature Instrument Entry into Force
Paris Act (1971)  Accession: December 17, 2018March 17, 2019
Brussels Act (1948) June 26, 1948  
Rome Act (1928)  Accession: October 20, 1947December 4, 1947
Berlin Act (1908)  Declaration of Continued Application: April 26, 1928April 24, 1928

Declarations, reservations etc.

Accession to the Berlin Act (1908) subject to the following reservation: Article 18 of the Act is replaced by Article 14 of the Berne Convention, 1886, and Number 4 of the Final Protocol of the same date accompanying the latter Convention, in its version of Article 2, Number II, of the Paris Additional Act, 1896, in respect of the application of the Berlin Act, 1908, to works which have not yet fallen into the public domain in the country of origin at the time the Convention entered into force. (see Le Droit d'auteur 1914, No.4, p.46 and Le Droit d'auteur 1912, No.7, p.90)

Territorial information

Paris Act (1971): The accession by New Zealand to the Paris Act shall extend to Tokelau. (see Berne Notification No. 282)

Application of the Rome Act (1928) to the Cook Islands, Tokelau and Niue: November 2, 1964; Entry into force: March 18, 1965. (see Copyright 1965, No.3, p.55)

Accession to the Rome Act (1928) extended to Western Samoa. (see Le Droit d'auteur 1947, No.11, p.121)