Guide to the Deposit of Microorganisms under the Budapest Treaty 

(Status on November 16, 2020)

Note *
Table of Contents *
Introduction to the Budapest Treaty *

Part I: General requirements for deposit and furnishing of samples

Section A:  Making the Original Deposit

Section B: 
Making a New Deposit

Section C: 
Furnishing of Samples

Part II: Specific requirements of individual international depositary authorities and industrial property offices

Section D:  Requirements of International Depositary Authorities (IDAs)


Section E:  Requirements of Industrial Property Offices of States Party to the Budapest Treaty and of Intergovernmental Industrial Property Organizations




Appendix 1:  Checklists of points to be attended to when depositing microorganisms and requesting samples under the Budapest Treaty


Appendix 2:  Text of the Budapest Treaty and of the Regulations under the Treaty

Appendix 3:  Forms under the Budapest Treaty and Regulations *
Appendix 4:  Editable version of Form BP/12 *