PCT Notification No. 53
Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

Notification by the Kingdom of Norway: Withdrawal of Declaration Made Under Article 64(1)(a) concerning Chapter II; Declaration Under Article 64(2)(a)(ii)

The Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) presents his compliments to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and has the honor to notify him of the receipt, on October 1, 1988, of the notification of the Government of the Kingdom of Norway by which it withdraws the declaration contained in its instrument of ratification of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) done at Washington on June 19, 1970, to the effect that the Kingdom of Norway is not bound by the provisions of Chapter II of the said Treaty (see PCT Notification No. 28 of October 4, 1979), and by which notification it also makes a declaration under Article 64(2)(a)(ii) of that Treaty.

In accordance with Article 64(6)(b) of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the withdrawal of the said declaration concerning Chapter II of the said Treaty will take effect three months after the day on which the said notification was received, that is, on January 1, 1989. Consequently, from the said date, the Kingdom of Norway will be bound also by the provisions of Chapter II of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

The said notification dated October 1, 1988, contains, in addition, the following declaration:

"Norway also declares, pursuant to Article 64, paragraph 2), litra a), ii) of the said Treaty that the obligation to delay national processing as provided for under Article 40 shall not prevent publication, by or through Norway's national office, of the international application or a translation thereof, it being understood, however, that Norway is not exempted from the limitations provided for in Articles 30 and 38."

In accordance with Article 64(6)(a) of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the said declaration will take effect six months after the day on which the notification of the said declaration was received, that is, on April 1, 1989, and shall not affect international applications filed prior to the expiration of the said six month period.

October 7, 1988