WIPO-Administered Treaties

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NoNotification TitleTreatyNotification Date
No 2SignatoriesSingapore TreatyApril 10, 2007
No 31Accession by the Republic of ZairePhonograms ConventionAugust 29, 1977
No 61Accession of the Republic of Zaire to the Paris Act (1971)Berne ConventionOctober 31, 1974
No 59Ratification of the Convention by the Republic of ZaireWIPO ConventionOctober 31, 1974
No 52Accession to the Stockholm Act by the Republic of ZaireParis ConventionOctober 31, 1974
No 2Signatory CountriesBerne ConventionJanuary 30, 1968
No 1Signatory CountriesWIPO ConventionJanuary 30, 1968