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NoNotification TitleTreatyNotification Date
No 21Entry into ForceMarrakesh VIP TreatyJune 30, 2016
No 10Ratification by MongoliaMarrakesh VIP TreatySeptember 23, 2015
No 26Accession by MongoliaSingapore TreatyDecember 3, 2010
No 83Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs
Accession by Mongolia
Hague AgreementOctober 19, 2007
No 237Declaration by Mongolia Relating to Articles II and III of the Appendix to the Paris Act (1971)Berne ConventionJune 25, 2004
No 46Accession by MongoliaNairobi TreatyJuly 25, 2002
No 39Ratification by MongoliaWIPO Copyright TreatyJuly 25, 2002
No 39Ratification by MongoliaWIPO Performances and Phonograms TreatyJuly 25, 2002
No 51Accession by MongoliaLocarno AgreementMarch 16, 2001
No 131Ratification by Mongolia (Protocol)Madrid ProtocolMarch 16, 2001
No 109Accession by MongoliaNice AgreementMarch 16, 2001
No 59Accession by MongoliaStrasbourg AgreementMarch 16, 2001
No 2SignatoriesWIPO Copyright TreatyJanuary 5, 1998
No 1SignatoriesWIPO Performances and Phonograms TreatyJanuary 5, 1998
No 190Accession by Mongolia to the Paris Act (1971)Berne ConventionDecember 12, 1997
No 183Withdrawal of Notification concerning MongoliaBerne ConventionJune 5, 1997
No 178Accession by Mongolia to the Paris Act (1971) (with the exception of Articles 1 to 21)Berne ConventionMarch 12, 1997
No 41The Hague Act (1960) and the Stockholm (Complementary) Act (1967)
Accession by Mongolia
Hague AgreementMarch 12, 1997
No 75Notification by Mongolia: Withdrawal of Declaration Concerning Article 14(2)Madrid Agreement (Marks)November 16, 1995
No 62Accession by the Mongolian People's RepublicPatent Cooperation TreatyMarch 1, 1991
No 43Signatory States of the Madrid Protocol (1989)Madrid ProtocolFebruary 9, 1990
No 35Accession by the Mongolian People's RepublicMadrid Agreement (Marks)January 21, 1985
No 115Accession by the Mongolian People's RepublicParis ConventionJanuary 21, 1985
No 102Accession by the Mongolian People's RepublicWIPO ConventionNovember 29, 1978