Navigating Traditional Knowledge and IP – "The Adventures of the Yakuanoi" (Video)

March 27, 2018

Although the intellectual property (IP) system can be used to promote and protect traditional knowledge (TK) (knowledge that has ancient roots and is often oral), it is not always protected by the conventional IP system.

WIPO has produced a 4-minute animation, telling the story of the Yakuanoi people – a fictitious indigenous community – as they navigate through the key issues regarding IP and TK.

Video on YouTube – "The Adventures of the Yakuanoi"

Did you know – in line with WIPO's Open Access Policy, you may translate the film, at your own cost, into your indigenous language(s) under the Attribution (CC BY IGO) Creative Commons License. This license provides for very simple conditions to use the film for translation purposes. PDF, Terms of use

For more information, contact WIPO's Traditional Knowledge Division.