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Título: On site training of the Director of Bureau Burkinabe du droit d'auteur (BBDA)-
Descripción: Reference is made to the attached requests of Mr. Nikiema, director general and Mireille Kaboré, Secretary general of the Bureau burkinabé du droit d’auteur (BBDA), for an onsite collective management training of their newly appointed legal and finance director, Ms. Sidibe Mounira in order to enhance her capacities and management performances in the area of collective management The Director General of the National Office of Copyright and Related Rights of Algeria (ONDA) which is one of the most advanced collective management organization in Africa, has kindly agreed to welcome Ms. Mounira for her training to take place from December 14 to 18, 2015.
Tipo: Estudio, informe y publicación sobre P.I.
Ámbito temático de la P.I.: Copyright
Sector de la OMPI: Copyright Law Division
Fecha desde: 19/12/2015 - 25/12/2015
Ciudad en que se celebró la actividad: Algiers
Lugar/País anfitrión: Algeria
Actividad celebrada en el idioma: francés

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Algeria 2
Número total de participantes:  2


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World Intellectual Property Organization IGO


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World Intellectual Property Organization IGO