Technical Assistance Database: Activity Details

Title: High Level Regional Roundtable on Geographical Indications in Africa: Territorial Development, Economic Integration & International Trade
Description: The objectives of the proposed event would be:
1) to provide practical information to invited representatives of member states from OAPI and ARIPO on the developement and protection of geographical indications, at the national, regional and international level, including on the recent developments of the Lisbon System and other WIPO services relating to GIs and trademarks;
2) to promote the exchange of experiences on those issues among national officials from IP authorities and Ministries of Agriculture and GIs experts, which are involved in the development and/or management of GI value chains and relevant quality schemes in Africa;
3) to make decision makers aware of the factors that shoud be put in place to implement successful GI value chains to foster local economic and social development; and
4) to enable invited representatives of member states from OAPI and ARIPI to better assess and formulate their needs for technical assistance and capacity building activities for implementing initiatives towards strategic use of GIs and other brands for quality products linked to origin as part of the coordinated implementation of the Continental Strategy for Geographical Indications adopted by the African Union in 2017.
Type: Workshop
IP Subject Area: Multiple IP Fields
WIPO Sector: Regional Bureau for Africa
Date From: 04/06/2019 - 07/06/2019
Venue City: Yaoundé
Venue/Host Country: Cameroon
Activity held in Language: English , French

Beneficiary / Participant Countries

Country Name No. of Members / Participants
Burkina Faso 2
Zimbabwe 2
Zambia 2
Uganda 2
Togo 2
Senegal 2
Namibia 2
Mozambique 2
Malawi 2
Kenya 2
Guinea 2
Ivory Coast 2
Central African Republic 2
Benin 2
Total Number of Participants:  28