Technical Assistance Database: Activity Details

Title: IPAS and EDMS training
Description: Request from the IP Office of Rwanda: "Just to let you know that now new staffs have been appointed in the IP office. Currently Blaise is the acting Head of Division.
One of the urgent plan the office has, is to hire some temporary staffs which will digitize/scan all archives the office has using EDMS, And also they want to implement a workflow and assign roles to each staffs.
All these tasks require of course your intervention specially in helping training EDMS(we alone are not enough) ... so we would like to ask you if you can plan a mission around here, and tell us when you will be available so that we can plan the recruitment of those temporary staffs."
Type: Workshop
IP Subject Area: Industrial Property
WIPO Sector: IP Office Business Solutions Division
Date From: 31/03/2015 - 10/04/2015
Venue City: Kigali
Venue/Host Country: Rwanda
Activity held in Language: English