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Title: Participation of Ms. María del Carmen Arteaga Alvarado as a speaker at a conference in conjunction with the International Book Fair
Description: 1. Reference is made to the letter from Mr. Giancarlo Marcenaro, Director General, National Directorate for Copyright, Ministry of Interior (attached), to Ms. Michele Woods, dated March 17, 2016.
2. The government of Colombia is requesting WIPO’s collaboration in a conference in conjunction with the 29th International Book Fair in Bogotá including the presence of a WIPO representative with specific expertise over the proposed discussion topics of the publishing industry, limitations and exceptions and digital market for books. In discussions with the Government, the name of Ms. María del Carmen Arteaga Alvarado, professor from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, has been identified.
3. As discussed with the Government, WIPO is prepared to collaborate in the organization of the conference, and the Copyright Law Division is able to facilitate the participation of Ms. Alvarado. This will be more economical than sending a representative from Geneva.
4. We have confirmed that Ms. Alvarado would be available, and could participate, as suggested. In addition to his expertise as professor, she currently holds the Vice-presidency of the Inter-American Institute of Copyright (IIDA) and had published and presented an extensive number of papers.
Type: Workshop
IP Subject Area: Multiple IP Fields
WIPO Sector: Copyright Law Division
Date From: 21/04/2016 - 22/04/2016
Venue City: Bogotá
Venue/Host Country: Colombia
Activity held in Language: English , Spanish