Technical Assistance Database: Activity Details

Title: Sub-Regional Seminar for Intellectual Property Policies at Universities and Research Institutions
Description: The objective of the event would be promoting the elaboration and implementation of IP policies at the universities and research institutions in the Russian Federation, and selected countries from Caucuses and Central Asia. In addition, the event will aim at creating a steering group of experts in IP policies for universities and research institutions. Total expected number of participants will be 60 persons.
Type: Workshop
IP Subject Area: Multiple IP Fields
WIPO Sector: WIPO Office in Russian Federation (WRO)
Date From: 09/11/2016 - 10/11/2016
Venue City: Moscow
Venue/Host Country: Russian Federation
Activity held in Language: English

Beneficiary / Participant Countries

Country Name No. of Members / Participants
Armenia 1
Kazakhstan 1
Russian Federation 11
Total Number of Participants:  13