Technical Assistance Database: Activity Details

Title: WIPO Sub-Regional Workshops on the Madrid and the PCT Systems
Description: The promotion of the Madrid and the PCT Systems in the scope of the Second Istanbul International Inventions Fair (ISIF).
Following the request from TPI it is also proposed that one representative from each of the following countries: Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Serbia to take part in the Sub-Regional Workshops. Their participation would provide an opportunity as well, to exchange experience on the organization and results of the Istanbul Inventions Fair and the promotion of intellectual property rights protection in that context, and strengthen bilateral cooperation between TPI and the said countries.
Type: Workshop
IP Subject Area: Multiple IP Fields
WIPO Sector: Division for Transition and Developed Countries
Date From: 02/03/2017 - 03/03/2017
Venue City: Istanbul
Venue/Host Country: Türkiye
Activity held in Language: English

Beneficiary / Participant Countries

Country Name No. of Members / Participants
Azerbaijan 1
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1
Georgia 1
Serbia 1
Total Number of Participants:  4