Technical Assistance Database: Activity Details

Title: Innovation and IP as Engines for Competitive Agribusiness: Empowering Women Researchers and Entrepreneurs in Africa
Description: Recognizing innovation in agriculture as one of the key areas of strong economic potential identified by WIPO Member states of the African Region and further guided by the Global Innovation Index 2017, with the theme, Innovation feeding the World, the Regional Bureau for Africa, in collaboration with UPOV, the JPO and the France Funds in Trust, and under the patronage of the Office Marocain de la Propriété Industrielle et Commerciale (OMPIC), proposes to organize a Forum targeting women researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs in the field of agriculture.
The main objective is to provide a platform for dialogue on how women in the agricultural research and agribusiness in Africa can conduct the relevant research aimed at fostering innovation in agriculture and how to use the IP system more effectively. With inputs from African research organizations such as the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD), the Forum will also provide a learning and business networking opportunities for participants, both researchers and entrepreneurs.
Type: Workshop
IP Subject Area: Multiple IP Fields
WIPO Sector: Division for Africa
Date From: 15/11/2017 - 17/11/2017
Venue City: Casablanca
Venue/Host Country: Morocco
Activity held in Language: English , French

Beneficiary / Participant Countries

Country Name No. of Members / Participants
Algeria 4
Angola 2
Benin 2
Botswana 2
Cameroon 2
Cape Verde 2
Central African Republic 1
Chad 2
Comoros 2
Congo 3
Ivory Coast 7
Democratic Republic of the Congo 3
Egypt 1
Ethiopia 6
Gambia 1
Guinea 1
Guinea-Bissau 1
Kenya 12
Liberia 5
Madagascar 3
Malawi 5
Mali 3
Mauritania 1
Mauritius 2
Mozambique 7
Namibia 1
Niger 2
Nigeria 8
Rwanda 1
Sao Tome and Principe 2
Senegal 5
Somalia 1
Sudan 2
Swaziland 2
Togo 3
Tunisia 1
Uganda 7
United Republic of Tanzania 7
Zambia 4
Zimbabwe 2
Burkina Faso 8
Total Number of Participants:  136