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Title: Seminar on the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs: Advantages and Functioning of an Ever Expanding System
Description: The program of the forthcoming Seminar of November 10, 2016, has been modified to respond to the expectations expressed by a large number of participants at the Seminar held last June, namely, to acquire a good knowledge of the Hague System, to learn about the functioning of system and how to use it in practice*. Additionally, by extending the invitation list to representatives of the industrial designs community/civil society, professional social networks (see attached list), and proposing a new program, we aim (i) to expand the type of targeted audience; (ii) to keep up an interactive dialogue with the participants through an online discussion forum; and (iii) to dynamically promote and disseminate the functioning, the advantages and the best practice of the Hague System (see approved memoranda).
Type: Meeting
IP Subject Area: Industrial Designs
WIPO Sector: Madrid Information Systems Division
Date From: 10/11/2016 - 10/11/2016
Venue City: Bangkok
Venue/Host Country: Thailand
Activity held in Language: English

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