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Title: The 2016 International Copyright Institute on Copyright in a Global Network: Emerging Issues in Copyright and Related Rights for Developing Countries and Countries with Economies in Transition
Description: Main objectives: To exchange views and information on emerging CRRs issues and their related policy and strategy, with special relevance to developing countries and countries with economies in transition To provide a platform to all participants for exchanging views and sharing experiences with regard to strengthening the copyright system and capacities in response to these new issues and challenges
Type: Workshop
IP Subject Area: Copyright
WIPO Sector: Copyright Development Division
Date From: 06/06/2016 - 10/06/2016
Venue City: Washington D.C.
Venue/Host Country: United States of America
Activity held in Language: English

Beneficiary / Participant Countries

Country Name No. of Members / Participants
Viet Nam 1
Uruguay 1
Ukraine 1
Thailand 1
South Africa 1
Philippines 1
Paraguay 1
Pakistan 1
Nigeria 1
Namibia 1
Mauritius 1
Malaysia 1
Madagascar 1
Lebanon 1
Kenya 1
Kazakhstan 1
Jamaica 1
India 1
Haiti 1
Ethiopia 1
Egypt 1
Colombia 1
China 1
Cambodia 1
Brazil 1
Bolivia 1
Afghanistan 1
Total Number of Participants:  27

Owner / Requester

Owner / Requester Name Owner / Requester Type
World Intellectual Property Organization IGO


Organizer Name Organizer Type
World Intellectual Property Organization IGO
United States Copyright Office Member State / IP Office