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ST.3 Code & Name Office or organization name (if provided)
AF - Afghanistan
AU - Australia IP Australia
AZ - Azerbaijan Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan
BH - Bahrain Directorate of Foreign Trade & IP
BR - Brazil Instituto nacional da Propriedade Industrial
BX - Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP)
CA - Canada Canadian Intellectual Property Office
CL - Chile National Industrial Property Institute - INAPI Chile
CN - China CNIPA
DK - Denmark dkpto
DZ - Algeria Algerian National Industrial Property Institute (INAPI)
DZ - Algeria National Copyright and Related Rights Office (ONDA)
EE - Estonia The Estonian Patent Office
EM - European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) EUIPO
EP - European Patent Office (EPO) EPO
ES - Spain Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO)
FI - Finland Finnish patent and registration office
HK - Hong Kong, China Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong, China
HR - Croatia State Intelectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia
HU - Hungary HIPO
IE - Ireland Intellectual Property Office of Ireland
IL - Israel Israel Patent Office (ILPO)
IT - Italy Ministry of Culture - Directorate General for libraries and copyright
JO - Jordan Department of the national library
JP - Japan Japan Patent Office
KE - Kenya Kenya Industrial Property Institute
KR - Republic of Korea Korean Intellectual Property Office
LT - Lithuania The State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania
MD - Republic of Moldova State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova(AGEPI)
MX - Mexico Mexican Industrial Property Institute (IMPI)
NZ - New Zealand Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand
PH - Philippines Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines
RU - Russian Federation Federal Service for Intellectual Property - Rospatent
SA - Saudi Arabia Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property
SE - Sweden Swedish Intellectual Property Office
SK - Slovakia Intellectual Property Office of Slovak Republic
SM - San Marino Ufficio di Stato Brevetti e Marchi
TD - Chad Ministry of Commerce and Industry (SNL-OAPI-TCHAD)
UA - Ukraine State Enterprise "Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute"
US - United States of America United States Patent and Trademark Office
UY - Uruguay National Industrial Property Directorate (DNPI)