WIPO Standards Launches Webinar Series with Blockchain for IP

June 17, 2020

The International Bureau of WIPO is pleased to launch a new webinar series on WIPO Standards. The series will begin with three webinars on blockchain for intellectual property (IP), the first of which will take place on June 25, 2020.


Businesses everywhere are exploring better ways to leverage digital environments. Blockchain has great potential to increase efficiency and transparency, but finding suitable models for blockchain usage in IP space remains elusive.

The International Bureau of WIPO recently launched a project to prepare a whitepaper identifying and analyzing potential uses of blockchain technology in the IP ecosystem. This includes not just IP offices, but private sector uses of IP information such as IP licensing, enforcement, and identity management.

A series of three webinars are planned to discuss the blockchain whitepaper project and its eventual results. The first webinar will discuss the project's purpose and how others can get involved, including a planned survey. The project seeks to collect information on blockchain plans and views from IP right holders, applicants, creators and inventors, service providers, legal representatives, and others. Later webinars will discuss the results of the survey and a draft whitepaper on blockchain uses in the IP ecosystem, with recommendations for IP offices and industry to consider.

This project is being performed for the Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS) Blockchain Task Force, which was established by Member States in 2018. The Task Force held a Workshop on Blockchain in April 2019. Participants at the workshop sought leadership from WIPO to support blockchain applications for the IP ecosystem, including project governance. The Workshop noted that WIPO should provide guidance for interoperability among different applications of blockchain and recommendations on how to use the technology in the IP ecosystem.

Other webinar topics related to WIPO Standards are expected in the future. Sign up for the WIPO Standards newsletter or check the CWS home page for more information as it becomes available.