SME Support Institutions

Why do we want to work with SME support institutions?

Given the overwhelming number of SMEs, collaboration with institutions operating at the international, regional, national and local levels that represent the interests of SMEs appears to be the only way to effectively reach out to such a vast number of potential clients. Through such collaboration, IP services to SMEs could be integrated into the existing framework of services aimed at assisting SMEs in facing some of their daily business challenges. Many such support institutions have useful web sites.

Who are they?

They include institutions responsible for formulating, financing and implementing policies and activities aimed at supporting the development of the SMEs sector, as well as IP offices and business consultants. An indicative list is available.

How do we co-operate and collaborate?

While we like to be proactive, we also welcome any request for collaboration. Feel free to contact us if you need any information or clarification on this matter.

Our co-operation normally begins on an ad hoc basis, often initiated by a phone call or e-mail. Whenever possible and appropriate, it is followed by a formal visit by either side, and may gradually result in joint activities and projects. At no stage do we insist on signing a formal agreement or a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to define the scope or modalities of our mutual co-operation.

WIPO brings to the joint effort its vast in-house and external network of technical expertise and experience in the field of using intellectual property assets in developing and sustaining competitive advantage in the marketplace.

All joint activities should be driven by the practical needs of the beneficiary SMEs. We are ready to participate in joint information and awareness campaigns in various ways, jointly organize events of various kinds, or participate in each others events, add value to ongoing or future programs, projects and activities of mutual interest. We are also interested in co-operating in the joint development of appropriate publications such as guides, self-help manuals, other information products and services, organization of training programs for trainers (training of trainers), as well as in the collection of success stories and best practices in the use of the IP system by SMEs and in the preparation of e-learning programs for teaching and training.