The Power of Storytelling! IP for Business launches its latest initiative of high impact interactive digital stories.

November 17, 2021


In today‚Äôs highly linked digital creative ecosystem, the best way to communicate information is through a curated visual medium, which taps into the power of animation, design, text, music, and gamification, allowing the reader-viewer to interact with the digital story being told.  Capturing the essence of how innovations were conceived, developed, and then exploited, can allow non-intellectual property (IP) literate creators or innovators understand how better to use the IP system, and comprehend the significant intangible nature of IP laws and their related rights.

The IP for Business latest initiative targets especially young readers and viewers wishing to learn both the legal and business decisions taken by companies as they too experimented with their ideas, sometimes, ideas that would never have seen light of day if the creators-innovators not had access to visionary colleagues.

The first in the series of interactive digital stories is on how Ken Kutaragi, Japanese engineering technologist and businessman and his team at Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) arrived at the launch of the PlayStation console on December 3, 1994, and in doing so revolutionized the video game industry. Taking snapshot events during the timeline of the development of the console, learn how each IP right had a role to play in the business decisions taken. We hope you enjoy this newest WIPO initiative!

This initiative will be launched at the Symposium on IP for Innovation in the Global Age on December 2, 2021. Join us for the launch by registering for the event.