Why is Intellectual Property Crucial for Marketing the Products or Services of Your SME?

For most small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), marketing products or services is a major challenge. A marketing strategy should establish a clear link between your products or services and your SME, as the producer or provider of such products or services. That is to say, customers should be able to distinguish, at a glance, between your products or services and those of your competitors and associate them with certain desired qualities.

Intellectual property, when efficiently used, is an important tool in creating an image for your business in the minds of your current and potential customers and in positioning your business in the market. IP rights, combined with other marketing tools (such as advertisements and other sales promotion activities) are crucial for:

  • Differentiating your products and services and making them easily recognizable
  • Promoting your products or services and creating a loyal clientele
  • Diversifying your market strategy to various target groups
  • Marketing your products or services in foreign countries (see “How can IP Enhance the Export Opportunities of Your SME?")