Further Links and Readings

National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC)
Web site: http://www.nttc.edu
is specific to American research and business but provides tips on how to go about accessing technology that is lying dormant on laboratory shelves.

Intellectual Property Technology Exchange, Inc.  
Web site: http://www.techex.com
Founded in 1999, TechEx is a privately held corporation and provides an Internet-based exchange for buying and selling emerging technologies in the biomedical field. It is, however, a members only system and is restricted to approved users like licensing professionals and venture capitalists.

Technology New Zealand
Web site: http://www.technz.co.nz/business/license/praclic.htm  
The aim of this site is to consolidate sources of technological advice and assistance available primarily on the Internet and, in particular, provide guidance in negotiating a license agreement.

Intellectual Property Licensing Seminar of the University of Dayton School of Law 
Web site:
This site provides papers on various aspects of licensing.

Licensing Executives Society International (LESI)
Website: http://www.lesi.org/
LESI is an association of 27 national societies, composed of people having an interest in the transfer of technology, or licensing of intellectual property rights

Innovation Relay Centres (IRCs)
Website: http://irc.cordis.lu/
The IRCs have built a leading European network focusing on transnational technology transfer. The IRC network is a service for companies, especially SMEs. Universities and research institutes may also benefit from its services.

Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)
Website: http://www.autm.net/
AUTM has 2,300 members comprising technology managers and business executives from universities, research centers, teaching hospitals, companies and government organisations.

Asian and Pacific Centre for Technology Transfer of Technology (APCTT)
Website: http://www.apctt.org/ 
The Asian and Pacific Centre for Technology Transfer of Technology (APCTT) is a
leading organization in the field of technology transfer services for SMEs.

Article entitled, "Technology Transfer" or the Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights at ( PDF)