Further Links and Readings

For more information on how patents can help SMEs to exploit their innovative potential, please see the following documents:

  • “Formulating an Intellectual Property Development Strategy for Enterprises”
    (see WIPO/IP/HAN/98/7(b) in PDF).
  • “Fostering the Globalization Potential of SMEs in the Globalization Era” 
    (see WIPO/IP/MIL/01/1 (B) in PDF).
  • “The Role of the IPR in the Promotion of Competitiveness and Development of Enterprises” (see WIPO/IP/HAN/98/5(b) in PDF).
  • For a basic overview of patents and patentable inventions see document: “The Protection of Inventions: Patents and Other Titles of Protection" (see WIPO/IP/ADD/97/2 in PDF).