Further Links and Readings

  • The European Business Angels Network (http://www.eban.org) encourages the exchange of experience among business angels networks and provides indirect impacts with a range of advisory and sign posting functions, direct feedback from investors to SME’s, and an education and training role for all participants.
  • The Invest Europe (http://www.investeurope.eu/ website provides links to a large number of national venture capital associations worldwide.
  • The European Commission (http://cordis.europa.eu/finance/src/inno2000.htm) website provides information and links about sources of finance for innovation activities and their commercialization.
  • The “Innovation 2000 Initiative” (http://www.eib.org/projects/priorities/innovation/index.htm) of the European Investment Bank (EIB) marks a clear shift in its lending activities towards innovation-rich projects and focuses on five key components, one of which is on “SMEs and Entrepreneurship.” The support provided by the EIB is mostly through its loan operations, as well as risk capital funding for SMEs (through its specialized subsidiary, the European Investment Fund-EIF-http://www.eif.org; for “SMEs and Entrepreneurship” the support relates to venture capital operations or guarantee instruments for debt finance, which are managed by the EIF (see paragraph 7 of the first referred Web page).
  • The study report of February 2001 on “Financing Innovative Firms Through Venture Capital” while reviewing the situation in Europe compares it with USA, and also looks at Israel; this report is available at http://www.eib.org/publications/publication.asp?publ=26
  • The website of the National Venture Capital Association (http://www.nvca.org) provides an introduction to the venture capital industry in the USA.