Further Links and Readings

Advice on exporting your products may be found in:

  • International Trade Centre (http://www.intracen.org/tradinst/welcome.htm). This website includes a directory of trade promotion organizations and other trade support institutions.
  • Tradenet Export Advisers (http://www.tradenet.gov/). This website provides advice on various aspects of exporting. While some of the issues are addressed from the point of view of American exporters, in many cases the explanations are generic and useful for SMEs from any country. See in particular the section on “Export answers” (http://www.tradenet.gov).
  • World Chambers Network (http://www.worldchambers.com/index.htm). This website provides country trade and business information as well as a directory of chambers of commerce worldwide.
  • Organization of American States (http://www.oas.org/). This website contains country information for exporters dealing with Latin or North American countries in the SICE database under “Trade and Integration.”
  • BizAPEC (http://www.BizAPEC.com/) is a service for business provided by the APEC secretariat. It contains business and investment information on countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.
  • SBA’s Guide to exporting is particularly for American companies (http://www.sbaonline.sba.gov/OIT/info/Guide-To-Exporting).