How can Your SME Benefit From Copyright?

Is your enterprise involved in the creation, recording, publication, dissemination, distribution or retailing of artistic, musical or literary works? Does your company have a website, a brochure, a corporate video, or does it advertise on newspapers or TV? Is your SME using music, pictures, or software products owned by others in any of its publications, brochures, databases or websites? Does your company own the rights to any computer software? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you may wish to find out more about copyright issues. A brief explanation of the types of works covered by copyright protection and the rights conferred by copyright and related rights is available.

Once you have a clearer picture on the basics of copyright protection you may wish to know what your SME should do to:

  • Legitimately use or exploit the works or creations of others with the authorization of the author or right holder on fair and reasonable terms;
  • Protect your own works or creations and make sure you make best use of your right and get fair economic rewards from any use made of your creations.