Intellectual Property Issues Related to Electronic Commerce

The purpose of these pages is to provide non-lawyers with a quick guide on IP issues related to E-Commerce. You can use these pages to link to other web sites where you can get more in-depth information.

Note: These pages provide an overview about IP issues related to E-Commerce and are not a comprehensive guide to all E-Commerce issues.  Your legal adviser is best equipped to give you advice on specific situations.

The 10 Point Checklist for IP Issues Related E-Commerce

Many things you need to know as an introduction to IP as it relates to E-Commerce may be outlined in 10 points. Spend a few minutes reading these points and then try your hand at the self-test at the end.

The 10 Points

Self Test for E-Commerce IP Checklist

(The entire content of the section "Intellectual Property and E-commerce" is also available [DOC] [PDF]