Procedures for Translation/Customization of SME Guides

Write a simple letter (which may be sent by post, fax or e-mail) to the SMEs Division, indicating what exactly is planned to be done.  Provide relevant details of the partner institution to prove competence and credibility. Recommendation of a relevant institution in the national Government, which is  responsible for promoting the use of the tools of the Intellectual Property System in the country, would be very helpful.

The partner institution would have complete flexibility in using the guidelines for customization made available through this page. It could do much less or much more, as may be deemed fit.

For granting the permission, the main expectation of WIPO is that the partner institution will prominently acknowledge in the translated/customized version, the contribution of WIPO and its copyright in the original publication.

Further, WIPO would expect the partner institution to draw the attention of the reader of the translated/customized version to the other business-oriented content and publications on IP on the SMEs website.

Furthermore, the partner is expected to draw the attention of the reader to the free electronic monthly newsletter of the SMEs Division.