Best Practices for Assisting SMEs to use the IP System

The SMEs Section has initiated a review of "best practices" employed by our potential partners and support institutions worldwide with a view to identifying successful mechanisms for making IP rights more accessible and relevant to SMEs. The aim of this exercise is to share this information and  facilitate interaction among institutions involved in such activities in order to encourage the wider adoption and further refinement of "best practices".  The "best practices" will include information on policies, programs, projects and activities implemented by IP offices, ministries, chambers of commerce, SME associations, incubators, science parks, universities and other relevant partners and SME support  institutions.

We invite and encourage individuals and institutions to contribute to our endeavor by sharing with us their experience in providing IP services to SMEs and contributing to make the IP system more user-friendly and accessible to the business community at large. Information may be sent to the SMEs Section by e-mail, fax or mail (see Contact us for our contact details).

Further Links and Readings

  • SME-IP: 1st Report – Support Services in the Field of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for SMEs in Switzerland – A Review; November, 2008 [PDF]
  • Benchmarking National and Regional Support Services for SMEs in the Field of Intellectual and Industrial Property: Final Benchmarking Report; 2007 [PDF].
    It is based on an underlying study which mapped out the IP services for SMEs in the EU-27, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway, as well as those in a number of overseas countries (the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan). 
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises [PDF]
  • WIPO/IP/RIO/02/3 "Support for SMEs in Using the Intellectual Property System" [PDF]
    OMPI/PI/QUI/01/4 "WIPO and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" [PDF]
    The European Commission 
    Role of national patent offices, the European Patent Office, as well as the Japanese and US patent offices in promoting the patent system - IBM Final Report to the EC Commission