Roster of Consultants

The WIPO Roster of Consultants (ROC) Database contains information on consultants engaged by the Organization to undertake specific intellectual property (IP) technical assistance activities at the national level in developing countries, least developed countries and countries in transition in the field of Intellectual Property. The consultants are engaged for a specific project or a specific period of time and are not based at WIPO Headquarters or any of the WIPO external offices.

The database was developed within the framework of the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) in response to Development Agenda Recommendation No. 6.

Note: Anyone wishing to contact Consultants should please contact WIPO for information.

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This database will be progressively populated as WIPO receives the consent from the consultants to publish their personal and professional information.


Please be advised of the following:

  • WIPO does not necessarily endorse the views of any of the Consultants previously engaged by the Organization which appear in the Roster;
  • The WIPO Roster of Consultants only contains the details of those Consultants who have expressly given their consent to appear in the Roster.