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E4010 as phosphodiesterase type V inhibitor


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Provider Eisai Co., Ltd. - Eisai
Partnership Hub Coordinator Name BIO Ventures for Global Health
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TitleE4010 as phosphodiesterase type V inhibitor
Executive Summary/Abstract E4010 selectively and potently inhibited PDE5 isolated from porcine platelet. E4010 markedly reduced the increased pulmonary arterial pressure with a slight effect on systemic arterial pressure in the porcine model of heart failure. Thus,E4010 would be useful for the treatment of patients with pulmonary hypertension.
Keywords PDE5; phosphodiesterase; hypertension

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Disease Unknown
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Type of Data Pre-Clinical Candidate


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Animal Model/Data Description 1 Long-term E4010 administration tomonocrotaline induced pulmonary hypertensive rats improved mortality. 2 E-4010, caused selective pulmonary vasodilation and attenuated the increase in pulmonary arterial pressure right ventricular hypertrophy, and pulmonary arterial remodeling induced by chronic hypoxia.
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Proprietary Data Yes
Publicly Available Data (Reference) Jpn J Pharmacol. 77, 99-102, 1998.; Am. J. Physiol. 277 Lung Cell. Mol. Physiol. 21 : L225–L232, 1999.
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