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E3040 as dual 5-lipoxygenase and thromboxane A2 synthetase inhibitor


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Provider Eisai Co., Ltd. - Eisai
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TitleE3040 as dual 5-lipoxygenase and thromboxane A2 synthetase inhibitor
Executive Summary/Abstract E3040 were found in the course of developing anti-inflammatory drug candidates for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. E30340 inhibits both 5-lipoxygenase and TXA2 synthetase in cell-free in vitro assay. E3040 also showed therapeutic effect in TNB/ethanol-induced chronic colitis model by oral administration.
Keywords IBD; 5-lipoxygenase; thromboxane A2 synthetase

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Disease Unknown
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Type of Data Pre-Clinical Candidate


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Potency IC50 for 5-lipoxygenase 0.23 microM RBL-1 ; IC50 for thromboxane A2 synyhetase 0.009 micro M ; Rat TNB/Ethanol-Induced Colitis Modela in vivo 61 percent inhibition at 100mg/kg/day
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In house only Yes

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Proprietary Data Yes
Publicly Available Data (Reference) J. Med. Chem. 1994,37, 3062-3070.; British Journal of Pharmacology 2002 136, 383 -390.
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