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Take advantage of a global network of R&D resources by becoming a WIPO Re:Search member, or support neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), tuberculosis (TB) and malaria research and capacity building by becoming a donor.

Our members include some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, prestigious academic institutions and product development partnerships.

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The three categories of membership

Institutions can join in more than one category. Most WIPO Re:Search members are both providers and users of the platform.


Providers agree to contribute intellectual property (IP) know-how, materials or services to WIPO Re:Search for license or use. They are typically academic institutions, for-profit R&D organizations, or NGOs.


Users are parties interested in entering into license agreement with providers to use IP and/or materials and/or services. Users are typically R&D organizations.


Supporters encourage the facilitation of research and development of products for NTDs, malaria and TB by supporting WIPO Re:Search activities and principles.

How to join

1. Write to WIPO Re:Search:

Global Challenges Division
World Intellectual Property Organization
34, chemin des Colombettes
CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland

2. Confirm – in writing – your Organization's commitment to our Guiding Principles PDF, Guiding Principles in English

3. Provide additional supporting information:

Please indicate:

  • your Organization's intention to contribute IP, know-how, and expertise to the WIPO Re:Search database;
  • your commitment to devoting the time and resources necessary to share knowledge and resources via WIPO Re:Search.

WIPO Re:Search aims to catalyze research and development of drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics for neglected tropical diseases, malaria, and tuberculosis. Please indicate:

  • capability to conduct research and development;
  • access to infrastructure that enables research and development;
  • commitment to working in collaboration with others to develop solutions for people affected by these diseases.

Important – All members must agree to the WIPO Re:Search Guiding Principles PDF, Guiding Principles in English

  • Arabic PDF, Guiding Principles in Arabic
  • English PDF, Guiding Principles in English
  • Chinese PDF, Guiding Principles in Chinese
  • French PDF, Guiding Principles in French
  • German PDF, Guiding Principles in German
  • Japanese PDF, Guiding Principles in Portugese
  • Portuguese PDF, Guiding Principles in Portugese
  • Russian PDF, Guiding Principles in Russian
  • Spanish PDF, Guiding Principles in Spanish

Become a donor

Our donors support our capacity building and communications activities, and are essential to the effectiveness of the WIPO Re:Search model.

Current donors

WIPO Re:Search has received financial support from the Governments of Australia and Japan through Funds-In-Trust (FIT).

FIT/IP Australia

Australia FIT/IP actively supports WIPO Re:Search to offer fellowship placements to top scientists in the field of neglected tropical diseases, TB and malaria.

FIT/IP Japan – Africa & LDCs

Japan FIT/IP supports WIPO Re:Search training activities for members and has supported the creation of communications materials highlighting WIPO Re:Search activities in Africa.