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The WIPO Journal - 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1

Analysis and Debate of Intellectual Property Issues

Contents: The Global Intellectual Property Order and its Undetermined Future | The Pre-History and Establishment of the WIPO | International Norm-Making in the Field of Intellectual Property: A Shift Towards Maximum Rules? | Some Consequences of Misinterpreting the TRIPS Agreement | Seizure of Generic Pharmaceuticals in Transit Based on Allegations of Patent Infringement: A Threat to International Trade, Development and Public Welfare | Threshold Requirements for Copyright Protection under the International Conventions | Rethinking Copyright Institution for the Digital Age | Internet Piracy as a Wake-up Call for Copyright Law Makers – Is the “Graduated Response” a Good Reply? | The Lisbon Agreement's Misunderstood Potential | What Is “Traditional Cultural Expression”?—International Definitions and Their Application in Developing Asia | One Hundred Years of Progress: The Development of the Intellectual Property System in China | The China-US Relationship on Climate Change, Intellectual Property and CCS: Requiem for a Species? | Intellectual Property and the Transfer of Green Technologies: An Essay on Economic Perspectives | “I Wouldn't Want to Be Starting from Here”, or Why Isn't Intellectual Property Research Better Than It Is?

Année de publication: 2009


Technical Study on Disclosure Requirements in Patent Systems Related to Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge

The WIPO Technical Study on Patent Disclosure Requirements Related to Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge concerns requirements in patent law systems to disclose information about genetic resources and traditional knowledge relevant to patented inventions. It was prepared by WIPO as part of the work program of the Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore. The immediate context for this study was a request of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) at its sixth meeting in The Hague from April 7 to 19, 2002 (Decision VI/24C). The preparation of the study was based on responses to a questionnaire circulated to the Member States of WIPO. The Technical Study was made available to the seventh meeting of the COP in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from February 9 to 20, 2004, as document UNEP/CBD/COP/7/INF/17.

Année de publication: 2004


WIPO Intellectual Property Handbook

This is a general reference work on all aspects of intellectual property, including international treaties and conventions, analyses of all fields of intellectual property, its administration, enforcement and teaching, technological and legal developments, and WIPO's work in its Member States. It covers issues including electronic commerce, biotechnology, traditional knowledge and management of copyright and related rights and WIPO's vision and approaches to meet new challenges with a widening circle of partners. Can be used as a key reference work by creators, innovators, intellectual property lawyers, government officials, university teachers and students.

Année de publication: 2004


What is the PLT?

The Patent Law Treaty (PLT) harmonizes formal requirements set by national and regional patent offices and streamlines the procedures for obtaining and maintaining a patent.

Année de publication: 2003


WIPO Patent Information Services for Developing Countries

The aim of this publication is to inform potential users in developing countries of the WPIS, their usefulness and how they could contribute to R&D activities and industrial development projects of developing countries.

Année de publication: 2003


Industrial Property and Copyright: 1998 Index

Monthly Review of the World Intellectual Property Organization

Année de publication: 1998


Industrial Property and Copyright: 1998 No. 5

Monthly Review of the World Intellectual Property Organization

Année de publication: 1998


Industrial Property and Copyright: 1998 No. 4

Monthly Review of the World Intellectual Property Organization

Année de publication: 1998


Industrial Property and Copyright: 1998 No. 3

Monthly Review of the World Intellectual Property Organization

Année de publication: 1998