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Guidance for the Development of an Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy in Countries in Transition

This Study is aimed at assisting governments in creating an environment in which Intellectual Property enables innovators and creators to lever the economic value of their work, at enhancing the economic success of the country to the benefit of its businesses, researchers, creators, and society as a whole and at strengthening economic competitiveness.

Año de publicación: 2012


PCT Yearly Review 2012

The International Patent System

Comprehensive facts, figures and analysis of the international patent system. Special theme: two million PCT filings

Año de publicación: 2012


Getting Patents and Economic Data to Speak to Each Other: An “Algorithmic Links with Probabilities” Approach for Joint Analyses of Patenting and Economic Activity

Economic Research Working Paper No. 5

In this paper, the authors describe and explore a new algorithmic approach to constructing concordances between the International Patent Classification (IPC) system and industry classification systems that organize economic data. This ‘Algorithmic Links with Probabilities' (ALP) approach incorporates text analysis software and keyword extraction programs and applies them to a comprehensive patent dataset. The authors conclude with a discussion on some of the possible applications of the concordance and provide a sample analysis that uses their preferred ALP concordance to analyze international patent flows based on trade patterns.

Año de publicación: 2012


Patent Information, Freedom to Operate and "Global Access": A Case Study of Dengue Vaccines Under Development

Global Challenges Report

An overview of issues relevant to debates about solutions to global challenges, such as climate change, public health and food security.

Año de publicación: 2012


Making Intellectual Property Work for Business - A Handbook for Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations Setting Up Intellectual Property Services

This publication provides practical guidance on the key areas where business membership organizations can integrate intellectual property into their services. This user-friendly handbook is written to support a wide range of basic to more advanced intellectual property services and contains a large number of references to online resources.

Año de publicación: 2012


World Intellectual Property Report 2011 - The Changing Face of Innovation

WIPO's World Intellectual Property Report 2011 focuses on the Changing Face of Innovation. It describes key trends in the innovation landscape - including the increasingly open, international and collaborative character of the innovation process; the causes of the increased demand for IP rights; and the rising importance of technology markets.

Año de publicación: 2011


The International Patent System in 2010

PCT Yearly Review

Comprehensive facts, figures and analysis of the international patent system. Special theme: the changing geography of the PCT system

Año de publicación: 2011


Report of the Director General to the 2011 WIPO Assemblies

This report is a presentation of the work accomplished by the Organization during the year that has passed since the last meeting of the WIPO Assemblies.

Año de publicación: 2011


Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs) - Enhancing innovation through knowledge and expertise

Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs) are designed to provide innovators in developing countries with access to locally based, high quality technology information services and other related services.

Año de publicación: 2011


Food Security and Intellectual Property - How the Private and the Public Sectors Use IP to Enhance Agricultural Productivity

A series of public events is planned with a view to demonstrate IP driven success stories of agricultural development with a particular focus on food security. A coordinated action is intended with selected partners from the plant related innovation industry, the public agricultural research sector, farmers associations of selected developing countries, relevant intergovernmental (FAO, UPOV), non governmental organizations and potential donors. A first Seminar was held on June 14, 2011, at the WIPO Headquarters in Geneva.

Año de publicación: 2011