Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


Looking Good: An Introduction to Industrial Designs for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Publication year: 2019

This is the second in a series of guides on "Intellectual Property for Business". It focuses on industrial designs, a key factor in determining the success of products in the market.


In Good Company: Managing Intellectual Property Issues in Franchising

Publication year: 2019

Franchising is one of the fastest and most popular means of business expansion. At the core of franchising is the licensing of intellectual property rights. Packed with examples and tips, this practical guide for business people outlines different types of franchise and takes you through the franchising process, identifying the key issues to consider at each stage.


Inventing the Future: An Introduction to Patents for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Publication year: 2018

This is the third in the series of guides on Intellectual Property for Business. It focuses on patents, a crucial tool to enable a company to draw maximum benefit from new technological ideas.


Making a Mark: An Introduction to Trademarks for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Publication year: 2017

Trademarks are an essential business tool. This practical guide for small and medium-sized enterprises explains how to use them strategically to help build and protect your brand.


Norwegian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Intellectual Property Rights System : Exploration and Analysis

Publication year: 2013

The study provides an overview of the Norwegian national innovation system with a special focus on SMEs and their use of the intellectual property system. The study provides valuable empirical data on patent and trademark applications by size, location and sector. The methodology and analysis used in the study and its conclusions and recommendations, while focusing on the Norwegian situation, will be of great interest to all those concerned with ensuring that SMEs are able to make the most effective use of the tools available to them through the intellectual property system.


National Study on Intellectual Property and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in India - Under the WIPO Development Agenda Project

Publication year: 2012

The National Study on Intellectual Property and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises - India, under the WIPO Development Agenda is a study that has relied on information and data collected through surveys, annual reports of the Office of Controller General of Patents, Designs, Trademarks and Geographical Indications, Government of India; publications of Government of India, other published research reports and studies and interviews and opinions of experts.


Making Intellectual Property Work for Business - A Handbook for Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations Setting Up Intellectual Property Services

Author(s): ICC, WIPO; Publication year: 2012

This publication provides practical guidance on the key areas where business membership organizations can integrate intellectual property into their services. This user-friendly handbook is written to support a wide range of basic to more advanced intellectual property services and contains a large number of references to online resources.


A Stitch in Time - Smart Use of Intellectual Property by Textile Companies

Publication year: 2006

By relying on a wide range of short case studies taken from traditional as well as modern enterprises, this booklet provides a snapshot of the value of effective use of the different tools of the intellectual property system (Industrial designs, copyright, patents, trademarks, geographical indications, trade secrets) for enhancing the competitiveness of products in the textiles, clothing, footwear, and fashion industries, both in the domestic and export markets.


Creative Expression: An Introduction to Copyright and Related Rights for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Publication year: 2006

This is the fourth in the series of guides on “Intellectual Property for Business.” It provides an introduction to copyright and related rights for business managers and entrepreneurs. It explains, in simple language, mainly those aspects of copyright law and practice that affect the business strategies of enterprises.


Exchanging Value - Negotiating Technology Licensing Agreements: A Training Manual

Author(s): International Trade Centre (ITC), WIPO; Publication year: 2005

The Guide is designed to address the practical business needs and concerns of non-specialists who are required to deal with "licensing in" or "licensing out" technology, be it directly or indirectly.


Highlights: Study on the Economic Importance of Industries and Activities protected by Copyright and Related Rights in the MERCOSUR Countries and Chile

Publication year: 2003

The main objective of this Study is to outline and assess from an economic perspective the major copyright-related economic sectors and activities in the MERCOSUR countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay) and Chile.


Marketing Crafts and Visual Arts: The Role of Intellectual Property

Author(s): International Trade Centre, WIPO; Publication year: 2003

A Guide dealing with the relationship between successful marketing of crafts and visual arts, and the appropriate use of intellectual property system instruments - pointing to situations where obtaining formal intellectual property protection ought to be considered; explains how to implement marketing and intellectual property strategies within a business framework and marketing management process; presents case studies and examples of managing intellectual property assets in marketing from the craft and visual arts sectors in developing countries; includes bibliographical references.


Secrets of Intellectual Property: A Guide for Small and Medium-sized Exporters

Author(s): International Trade Centre, WIPO; Publication year: 2003

A guide in the form of questions and answers dealing with intellectual property issues, aimed at small and medium-sized exporters and trade support institutions. It explains basic concepts and principles regarding intellectual property rights; covers questions relevant to ownership of rights by employees, contracting, licensing and technology transfer; highlights the importance of intellectual property issues when drawing up business, marketing and export plans and strategies; deals with intellectual property protection abroad; looks at the link between intellectual property and quality regulations, standards, packaging, labeling and electronic commerce; considers how to conduct a valuation of intellectual property rights and how to deal with intellectual property disputes.