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Worldwide Symposium on Geographical Indications

This publication presents the topics discussed during the Worldwide Symposium on Geographical Indications, which was held in Lima, Peru, June 22 to 24, 2011.

Publication year: 2012


WIPO Intellectual Property Handbook

This is a general reference work on all aspects of intellectual property, including international treaties and conventions, analyses of all fields of intellectual property, its administration, enforcement and teaching, technological and legal developments, and WIPO's work in its Member States. It covers issues including electronic commerce, biotechnology, traditional knowledge and management of copyright and related rights and WIPO's vision and approaches to meet new challenges with a widening circle of partners. Can be used as a key reference work by creators, innovators, intellectual property lawyers, government officials, university teachers and students.

Publication year: 2004


Symposium on the International Protection of Geographical Indications in the Worldwide Context

This volume contains papers presented and a summary of the discussions that took place at the Symposium on the Protection of Geographical Indications in the Worldwide Context, held in Eger (Hungary) on October 24 and 25, 1997. The meeting dealt with current questions concerning the protection of geographical indications in national, regional and international laws, in particular the relationship between the protection of geographical indications and the protection of trademarks.

Publication year: 1999


Symposium on the International Protection of Geographical Indications

This publication contains the texts of the lectures given, and a summary of the discussions that took place, at the Symposium on the International Protection of Geographical Indications, held at the Château Philippe le Hardi in Santenay (France) on November 9 and 10, 1989.

Publication year: 1990


The Role of Industrial Property in the Protection of Consumers

The study is intended to be a contribution to a work of a far wider scope currently being carried out, in the United Nations system of organizations and elsewhere, on all aspects of consumer protection, with particular reference to the needs of developing countries. This study is limited to aspects of the subject which are within the competence of WIPO. It shows that industrial property laws and institutions can make a valuable contribution to the protection of the interests of consumers.

Publication year: 1983


Model Law for Developing Countries on Appellations of Origin and Indications of Source

This model law was prepared with the aid of a committee of experts from developing countries.

Publication year: 1975


Bulletin: Appellations of Origin

The official publication of the Lisbon system. It is issued by WIPO for the publication of new registrations and other recordings in the International Register as well as information concerning changes in the legal framework of the Lisbon system. In addition, the Bulletin contains statistical information concerning registered appellations of origin.

Publication year: 1968