Measuring Creativity: Learning from Innovation Measurement

Economic Research Working Paper No. 31

المؤلف (المؤلفون): Intan Hamdan-Livramento, Julio Raffo, Stéphane Lhuillery | سنة النشر: 2016

DOI: English

There is a growing interest in broadening the measurement scope of innovation and considering “creative” activities, meaning that the usual indicators of innovation satisfy neither scholars nor policy makers. Conceptually, there is not much difference between innovative and creative activity: but to what extent are current measures that capture innovation relevant for creativity? Can the new measures for creativity benefit from the experience accumulated through R&D and innovation? Our article provides insights and lessons learned from using measures of innovative activities for scholars who are interested in capturing creative activities. We underscore the difficulties faced when measuring innovation and draw some parallels of these difficulties with the efforts undertaken to measure creativity.