WEBVTT 00:00:00.720 --> 00:00:04.360 Are you looking to transform your vintage bike into an electric marvel? 00:00:04.920 --> 00:00:08.320 The UK-based company Swytchbike may have the solution for you. 00:00:09.080 --> 00:00:13.600 Oliver Montague and Dmitro Khroma founded the company in 2017 00:00:14.520 --> 00:00:18.360 to make biking easier and reduce automobile carbon emissions. 00:00:19.280 --> 00:00:24.760 Their conversion kits uses a motorized wheel and a portable battery to effortlessly upgrade bikes. 00:00:26.160 --> 00:00:33.560 Swytchbike is now using its patented technology to build its business and expand its reach, with customers from Argentina to Japan. 00:00:34.720 --> 00:00:41.320 With a strong focus on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, Swytchbike is contributing to a greener future.