WEBVTT 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:05.200 There are more and more constructions at sea, threatening the diversity of marine ecosystems. 00:00:05.480 --> 00:00:07.760 Living seawalls were created in Australia 00:00:07.760 --> 00:00:14.040 by Alex Goad, Melanie Bishop, Katherine Dafforn and Mariana Mayer-Pinto. 00:00:15.000 --> 00:00:21.040 They are panels hung on constructions that create habitats where invertebrates and seaweeds live and grow. 00:00:22.040 --> 00:00:27.840 Like with reefs, fish also shelter in the panels where they find additional food sources. 00:00:29.040 --> 00:00:34.960 In areas with Living Seawalls, the number of fish seaweeds and invertebrates increased up to a third. 00:00:36.600 --> 00:00:43.120 This trademarked brand of the Sydney Institute of Marin science is hoping to promote cleaner and healthier seas.