Brazil Joins WIPO’s International Trademark System: Major New Benefits for Brand Owners in Brazil and Around the World

Geneva, July 3, 2019

Brazil has joined the WIPO-administered international trademark system, adding a major world economy to the global intellectual property service that helps brand owners protect and promote their marks in 121 countries around the globe.

WIPO has received Brazil’s accession document to the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks. The document was signed by President Jair Bolsonaro.  The Madrid System will enter into force for Brazil three months after the deposit of the accession instrument, on October 2, 2019.

“We are absolutely delighted that Brazil, one of the world’s largest economies, has acceded to the international trademark system,” said Mr. Gurry. “This benefits brand owners in Brazil and across the globe. I hope other countries in the region follow suit,” he added.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil is proud to be depositing with WIPO the accession instrument to the Madrid Protocol. We are confident that the entry into force of this agreement will lower the costs of doing business in the country and allow Brazilian companies to benefit from a much simpler procedure to register trademarks worldwide. By joining this agreement, Brazil signals its commitment to modernizing its economy and to encouraging economic prosperity and innovation, in a market-economy environment.

Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ernesto Henrique Fraga Araújo

With Brazil’s membership, the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks will count as contracting parties each of the world’s ten largest economies – as calculated by the International Monetary Fund – and the biggest economy in Latin America and the Caribbean. Brazil is the fifth Madrid System member from that region.

Overseas brand owners will benefit from greater convenience and lower costs when protecting their brands in Brazil through one filing via the Madrid System. Brazilian brand owners will be able to register marks in 120 other countries using one application.

“WIPO’s global IP services for trademarks, patents, industrial designs and other intellectual property rights represent concrete examples of successful international cooperation among WIPO Member States for their common benefit,” Mr. Gurry said. “I welcome Brazil’s continued commitment to international cooperation and the work of this Organization.”

About the Madrid System

Through the Madrid System, brand owners may file a single international application to seek trademark protection in multiple member countries. This streamlines the process of obtaining and managing trademark registrations, saving time and money.

With an evolving suite of online services and resources, WIPO is dedicated to delivering users a customer-driven experience throughout the life cycle of their mark.

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